Consultation Sequence

1. Securing Cancerous Tissue
To prepare an autologous cancer vaccine (self-cancer vaccine), the patient’s own cancer tissue excised by surgery is required. This can be either formalin-pickled tissue or cancer tissue in a paraffin-embedded block. However, with only one paraffin-embedded block, the volume of cancer tissue tends to be insufficient. If possible, secure 3 to 4 or more pieces of tissue per block.

Securing Cancerous Tissue

formalin-pickled tissue

paraffin-embedded block

2. Before Removement

  1. Tell your physician beforehand that you would like to have your own cancerous tissue handed to you after the operation.
  2. After surgery, have your doctor draw a simple figure which part of the resected tissue is cancerous.

3. After Removement

  1. Contact the hospital at which you underwent surgery to secure your own cancerous tissue even if the operation took place several years ago. In the case of paraffin-embedded blocks, the amount of cancerous tissue per block tends to be insufficient. If possible, secure three to four or more items of tissue.
  2. Cancer is unfortunately a part of your body. Please do not hesitate to ask us (the Professor of Pathology at the University Hospital also feels that cancerous tissue is the property of the patient).
  3. Example of Format for Securing Cancerous Tissue
  4. Have your physician draw a simple figure showing which part of the remaining tissue is the cancer site.

Example of a simple diagram showing the cancerous part:

4. Search the clinics with the treatment of Cancer Vaccine

Hospitals That May Be Consulted

5. Reservation per mail or phone

6. First cosulting with tumor tissue

7. Begin oft he Treatment

The autologous cancer vaccine will be completed in about a week after supplying the cancerous tissue. Inoculation is performed on ambulant patients which does not require hospitalization. In one setting, a total of five intradermal injections are carried out, two times for the immune response test (intradermal test) and three times for the actual inoculation. Depending on the hospital, the second immunity test may be omitted. Usually, five autologous cancer vaccines are injected at five intradermal sites once a fortnight (in case of urgency, once a week or once every 10 days). The total treatment period is about 6 weeks.

Note: Formalin is thoroughly washed out in the process of producing autologous cancer vaccine resulting in an acceptable safety level.