Electric Field Therapy (TTF, ECCT)

This treatment generates an electric field and suppresses the rapid cell division of cancer cells locally or in partial regions.

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Video introducing TTF
This video was presented in 2011 on TED introducing the mechanism of TTF with curative examples.

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What is Electric Field Therapy (TTF or ECCT)?

The theory of electric field therapy has a long history. Electric field therapy generates an electric field in the human body and suppresses the rapid cell division of cancer cells locally or in partial regions causing the physical destruction of cancer cells and apoptosis. This is the fundamental concept of electric field therapy. Even normal cells may be fast-growing such as intestinal mucosa. Since cancer cells are smaller than normal cells, the latter are not destroyed. Therapeutic Effect The effect is the same as that of anticancer drugs. When suppressing cell division with anti-cancer drugs, side effects suppress normal cells also. Unfortunately, anti-cancer drugs have problems such as tolerance and accumulated toxicity so at present they cannot be used for protracted periods. Compared to anticancer drugs, electric field therapy is a safe treatment method without problem such as drug resistance and accumulation toxicity so it can be applied over long periods of time. Electric field therapy can also be used in combination with anticancer drugs and other cancer treatments. We think that there is a synergistic effect with immunotherapy, especially GcMAF (macrophage activation therapy).

Combined lung cancer case such as 2nd GcMAF, ECCT
The future president of the “Recycling” medical corporation Hiroshi Kiyoshi gave a lecture at 2nd GcMAF, ECCT, etc. 2nd GcMAF, ECCT and other lung cancer case lecturers at the Tokyo University of Science University Biological Therapy Research Society entitled “Macrophages Exhibit a Large Repertoire of Activation States via Multiple Mechanisms of Macrophage-Activating Factors”

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Examples of treatment of brain tumor and breast cancer
We have published many examples with photographs of treatment of brain tumor and breast cancer therapy.

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Electric field therapy | Instrument description and case
We have posted photos with devices used in electric field therapy and cases of cancer treatment.

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Therapeutic Mechanism of Electric Field Therapy

Mechanism of Electric Field Therapy: General

  • Continuously generate a weak intermediate frequency DC electric field towards the cancer.
  • An electric field always surrounds a flow of electricity
  • The electric field attracts those with a charge (electricity of an object and particles, etc).
  • For example, gravity.
  • Suppresses the division of cancer cells that grow fast.

Mechanism of Electric Field Therapy: Cell Level 1

  • With undivided cells, the electric field is uniform.
  • Cell division is divided into mitosis (nuclear division) that divides by a complicated process and cytokinesis (cytokinesis) where the cytoplasm is divided into two.
  • As an early stage of mitosis, spindle formation is initiated, primarily by the polymerization of microtubules.
  • In the presence of an electric field, microtubules are aligned along the electric field so polymerization is inhibited and mitotic arrest occurs.
  • Metaphase: Impedance of constructing microtubule > Apoptosis

Image 1

  • The effects of TT fields while cell division is occurring: Mechanism 1 (Image 1)
  • As an early stage in mitosis, the spindle starts to be formed by the polymerization of high-polarity microtubules.

Image 2

  • The effects of TT fields while cell division is occurring Mechanism 1 (Image 2)
  • The electrical fields in undivided cells are even.

Image 3

  • The effects of TT fields while cell division is occurring: Mechanism 1 (Image 3)
  • In the presence of an electrical field, polymerization is impeded which leads to the mitotic arrest as each microtubule is arranged along an electrical field.

Mechanism of Electric Field Therapy: Cell Level 2

  • Within the cells where spindle formation is completed, cell division from one cell to two cells is initiated.
  • At the time of division, since the shape of the cells is of an hourglass type, the distribution of the electric field becomes uneven.
  • As a result, intracellular constituents are extruded toward an hourglass-shaped constricted part, and the cell structure is fragmentarily destroyed.

Image 4

Telophase: Move into the constricted parts of macromolecules and organelles > cell destruction

  • The effects of TT fields while cell division is occurring: Mechanism 2 (Image 4)
  • In the cells where the spindle formation has been completed, the cell starts to divide into two.

Image 5

  • The effects of TT fields while cell division is occurring: Mechanism 2 (Image 5)
  • While the division is occurring, because the form of the cell adopts an hourglass shape, electric field distribution becomes uneven.

Image 6

  • The effects of TT fields while cell division is occurring: Mechanism 2 (Image 6)
  • As a result, cell components are pushed into the constricted part and the cells are destroyed.

Apoptosis Annexin (red) detects the alteration of cell membranes caused by apoptosis Adaptation of Electric Field Therapy Although it is mainly used for the treatment of malignant glioblastoma, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc., adaptation is very wide and it is applicable to almost all solid cancer. Accordingly, it is intended to provide a method for diagnosing brain tumor, lung cancer, metastatic lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, pharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, metastatic liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer. There are also indications for cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, sarcoma etc.

Kirson et al., Cancer Research, May 2004

Electric Field Therapy Treatment Methods Our hospital electric field therapy staff wears headgear and a vest, or possibly only short pants. The best possible outfit will be worm in accordance with a patient’s illness and lesion site. An electric field will be generated according to each patient. For home treatments, the electric field will be adjusted and the condition of the patient checked with CT or MRI every 1 to 3 months.

Electric Field Vest

Electric Field Blanket

Safety and Side Effects of Electric Field Therapy Basically, EFT does not act on normal cells so side effects are very few compared with anticancer drugs and no serious side effects have so far been reported.

Treatment Cost

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