Ozone Autohemotherapy

An alternative technique used for Oxidative Preconditioning Therapy is called ozone autohemotherapy (“auto” means self, and “hemo” means blood).

In ozone autohemotherapy, about 200 ml of a patient’s blood are drawn, and this blood is exposed to ozone. Ozone is a molecule comprised of three oxygen atoms (“O3”), as opposed to the predominant atmospheric oxygen we breathe, which consists of two oxygen atoms (O2).

The ozone effects the blood by producing oxidized compounds. The treated blood is then reinfused into the patient. The oxidized compounds it contains serve as a signal of oxidative stress to the body’s normal healthy tissues, reflexively causing them to increase their production of protective antioxidant enzymes.

Because most cancer treatments are oxidative, including high dose Vitamin C, Ozone is an effective adjuvant cancer treatment. That is why repeated sessions of ozone autohemotherapy prior to other therapies insure that the body’s normal tissues are in much better condition to cope with the oxidative stress imposed by the subsequent therapy. Thus, the intent of Oxidative Preconditioning Therapy is to make therapy more tolerable for the patient while simultaneously improving the ability of the therapy to destroy the tumor!

Treatment Cost

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